Current Wants!~

Starry Night Theater JSK (not sure which color @_@)

Toy Parade Skirt:

Btssb Unico in Bloomland (not sure which color yet @_@)

Alice and the Pirates Vampire Prelude

On My Way!~

To becoming a Lolita!~ 

I have my dress with me already but buying up some of the other things as well. My new wig just shipped to me too! I bought a cute half pink and half mint wig from Mintymix! Along with pink hair bun thing!~

I think the next thing I need to buy is a petty coat...Shoot I should do that soon. Anyway! I'm almost there :) ! Slowly collecting things. I also ordered 3 blouses from qutieland. I hope they fit alright. I actually wish they just have s, m. l, sizes. exact body measurements worry me. Like, what If i did something wrong... dah @_@ ! I guess we'll see how that goes.

I need my mint shoes tho T_T sigh! I gotta wait till next month or something for that. I need to get paid more often hahaha!! 

Socks are on the way as well as the cute wrist cuffs too! As each arrives I'll do a little blurb on it :) !!~


Lolita Coordinates!

My first lolita coordinate! I've done research and I found (and bought ;) ) a JSK! Its hard to me to visualise what I want my Coordinate to look like so perhaps putting it up might make things easter. I guess for not this post isn't an actual finished Coordinate but a compiled thing to help me see what I like and will help me choose in the end my final coordinate. If that makes sense LOL! I am going to start from head to toe! 


Probably in pink

I think I'm going to save this till last.


In Pink and or white :3

In white

Jewelry Jelly in mint- AP





Mint or pink (I wish they had white )


We'll this year at anime expo I have come to find myself looking into lolita. There were some Angelic Pretty pieces that caught my eyes and I'm going to try my luck into finding them. Hopefully I can get it second hand but if not I'm willing to get it at the online store as well haha! We'll see! Hopefully I can get my lolita on someday :) !

Dolly Profiles!


Nicks: princess
Age: young adult
Gender: Female
Class: Volks SD10 megu
Style: girly and frilly 
Hair: brown
Eyes: 18mm Grey (may change)
Faceup: Andreja (Nicolle's dream shope)
Birthday: 1/18
Astrological sign: Capricorn
Nationality: Japanese
Status: Taken-Azusa
Hobbies/Interests: reading, being with friends and family, jewelry
Story: Kisa, along with her older brother Toushiro were born from a strict traditional Japanese family. She is known as the peace maker and the beloved daughter. Her and her brother live in apartment away from the stresses of home and carry on life and its bountiful events.


Nicks: Shiro, melon head, brat
Age: young adult
Gender: Male
Class: Volks SD13 Syo
Style: Punk 
Hair: red
Eyes: 18mm green
Faceup: by me
Birthday: 5/7
Astrological sign: Taurus
Nationality: Japanese
Status: Taken-Umeboshi
Hobbies/Interests: being lazy, sweets, martial arts
Story: Ever since he was little he felt was never good enough for his father and because of this he puts and extreme amount of effort in everything he does. He seems to always be frustrated but always seems to calm down in the end. He meets Umeboshi when she moves into the same apartment across the hall. He found her attractively strange and cute in a quiet sort of way and compete eachother in areas the other lacks. 


Nicks: n/a
Age: 5
Gender: female
Class: Volks yosd chika
Style: cute and girly 
Hair: black
Eyes: light green
Faceup: volks
Birthday: 8/23
Astrological sign: Virgo
Nationality: Japanese
Status: single
Hobbies/Interests: candy, toys
Story: She's still little and mostly lives with her parents. She comes and visits her cousins Shiro and Kisa sometimes before/after going to school. She's very nosey.


Nicks: ume, plum
Age: young adult
Gender: female
Class: Volks Sd kun
Style: girly alternative rock (no idea how to discribe it) 
Hair: grey, may change it to pink
Eyes: aqua blue
Faceup: rabiruna
Birthday: 10/19
Astrological sign: Libra
Nationality: Japanese
Status: taken-Toushiro
Hobbies/Interests: stocks, computers, photography
Story: Her father is a high political figure and her mother was a secretary whom had an affair with him. She quit her job and gave the baby up for adoption, but who would want a baby with strange color hair? She got older and wiser and tracked down her father only to black mail him. She now lives happily in the apartment across the hall from Toushiro and Kisa. She is very quiet and mysterious but mostly speaks when asked a question (she has poor social skill haha).

[picture coming soon]
Nicks: Zuzu
Age: young adult
Gender: male
Class: Volks Sd13 Okita
Style: I really donno haha
Hair: brown, changes every so often
Eyes: yellow brown 18mm
Faceup: volks
Birthday: 11/24
Astrological sign: Sagittarius
Nationality: Japanese/American
Status: taken-Kisa
Hobbies/Interests: working hard, friends 
Story: His mother was an English teacher that moved to Japan. She met his father and they got married. When Azusa was 7 she passed away from Cancer. He lived with his father up until he was 10 and was sent to America for schooling (and because of his father's depression) and to live with his grandparents, until recently. Kisa and Toushiro were childhood friends with him and its safe to say that Azusa loved Kisa even when they were very young. He promised he would come back and see her again, which he keeps ^_^ !